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Heating and Air Conditioning 

Is your furnace or boiler not heating? Is your air conditioner not cooling?  It could be a simple fix or a complete replacement. Almega's clean and professional technicians will let you know once they have located the problem. They then will give you a fixed cost detailed estimate and then get you on your way to having a comfortable feeling home once again.

It's not that complicated: when its hot outside, your house should be cool and comfortable. Then when it turns colder,  your house should be warm and cozy. Almega Mechanical can make this happen no matter what time of year it is. 

Do you or someone in your home suffer from allergies? Does the air in your home seem stale and just not fresh? Almega can certianly help with that too! We can install a Trane® CleanEffects™ Air Filteration System in your home to get rid of common allergies that can embed themselves deep into your lunges. CleanEffects™ filters down allergens to .1 microns which is 700 times smaller then a human hair. It removes pet dander, dirt, dust, mold, and pollen from getting into the air you and your family are breathing. Almega also provides duct cleaning to help the air in your home stay fresh and clean. 

Repair & Maintenance 

Keeping your units serviced and up to date will prevent large, costly repairs in the future. Whether it is your furnace, air conditioner, mini-split, boiler, or other mechanical system, Almega's techs can tell you what is wrong and fix it right the first time. 

Is there a loud noise coming from your unit? Call Almega to silence that monster now. 

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