They Did What?

It may seem like a wild idea to lift an entire home 9 feet in the air just to add a basement. That is exactly what we did about a year ago. The original home always had a crawl space underneath it, which served no purpose other then a foundation to support the home. The clients wanted to add square footage to the home they always loved. The first idea was to add an addition onto the back of the home. This was a very expensive option, which made us go back to the drawing board and see what other designs we could come up with. Then, the idea of lifting the whole house and adding a basement underneath came into play.

It took about 6 months to raise the house to the desired 9 feet. Each day, the house was raised 12 inches by using jacks and blocks to hold it in place. When the home was lifted, an engineered metal beam was placed underneath the existing homes structural beams. 

Currently, the home has a finished 1,500 square foot basement with a zoned heating and cooling system. This allows the owner to control the heat or air to the desired temperature upstairs and downstairs.

This brings up the question, what can’t Almega Builders and Mechanical do? Well we like to think that we can do all things, but there are limitations. Some things are harder then others, but with the right ideas and the right materials we can do anything!      

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