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About Almega Builders & Mechanical

Almega Builders and Mechanical has over 30+ years of experience in the construction industry. We pride ourselves in keeping up with the latest trends, building products, and HVAC technologies. Almega focuses on green building with a greater focus on quality and high customer satisfaction. 

Here at Almega, we do our own work using only a few trustworthy subcontractors when needed. We build our own cabinetry designed to fit your needs. We also design heating and air conditioning systems for your home. Almega Mechanical is proud to say we are a Trane® certified dealer in the Northern Colorado area. 

Our Process

We personally oversee each project and keep you updated on what is being completed. Since we do our own work, we stand behind everything we do and we personally know what is going on throughout the process.

Our Concept

We are old fashion contractors which means we rarely use sub-contractors and when we do, they are the best. Keeping everything in house makes the project that much easier. 

House Raising #2.jpg

Design & Build

No matter the size of the project or what you want done, Almega can design it, work out the kinks,  and then bring that dream to life. 

What We Offer for You

For over 30 years Almega has had one thing in mind, allowing you the customer to be apart of your project from start to finish. Even though we are the experts, the project is all yours. It is your idea and it is your dream, we are just here to bring that dream to life. No matter if it is a whole home remodel or just replacing your air conditioner, Almega will be there till the end. 

Call us today to tell us about your dream!

(970) 344-5389 


Owning a home can feel like a  full time job, but when you use Almega for your maintenance needs, it can be a breeze. 

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